In the garden today!


The sun was warm on my face today so I sat in the garden for a while! The birds are celebrating the spring, singing and flirting. Two squirrels played nearby in the trees, wary of the dogs. It’s mating season and there is joy in the garden. The bees are out creating a traffic jam by the hive entrance. The foragers swirled up in the air and flew off in search of pollen. Some were returning with chubby little pouches of yellow pollen on their legs. Near the pond, bees came and went, tiptoeing up to the waters edge for a drink. You can easily lose track of time watching them. A hummingbird is nesting in one of the ceanothus trees. She was there the other day while we were removing an overgrown bay tree. We made a terrible racket and did not notice her at first. But she whizzed around, finally attracting our attention. She was building her wee nest on a branch and seemed indifferent to the noise we were making. Once we saw her, we steered clear of the ceanothus, not wishing to disturb her. She zoomed away and came back many times with bits of fluff in her mouth. And then she sat in the tiny teaspoon of a nest placidly looking out at the world. It was the sweetest thing you could imagine, tugging a bit at your heart. I looked for her today but she was not there. I have not seen her at the feeder either. I hope she is okay!

I looked at the nest later in the day and there she was, that sweet little bird, sitting in the nest staring off into the distance in contemplation!