Ok, lets give this a go!

Having lost my domain name of several decades and everything attached to it, I am starting over. Not happily! But nothing to be done about it. 

I’ve just retired – well 2 years ago really but it hardly seems possible – after 21 years in politics, raising a family, travelling a bit, working hard every day, living an eclectic and adventurous life. I seem pretty busy for a retired person. I hear it’s common. It’s mostly self inflicted. I took up bee keeping and this blog will definitely contain lots of postings about my bee adventures; I am the Chair of the Board of Knowledge Network – BC’s public broadcasting network; I am doing an odd bit of this and that with some favourite groups – Women’s Transition House, my local First Nation’s community. And I’m seriously trying to clean my house, minimize and generally get to the various things I’ve ignored or neglected over the years in public life. Luckily my neighbours have been mostly forgiving about my rag tag garden but I’m getting a handle on it. 

And did I mention the grandkids? I love, love, love spending time with them. For sure, there is some catching up to do with them and I’ve made a good start! 

Lastly, for now, I have just lost one of my daughters to cancer! What a nasty f’ing disease. She was my friend. Young. The mother of two young children. She’s left behind her soulmate as well. She and her husband were very much in love and happy together! Her loss has carved a giant hole in our hearts and our lives. I’m pretty sure I will talk about it from time to time! Yes, most certainly I will. 

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